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The Arggh, make it stop! Corner!

We will collectively be gathering photos and note-worthy items of interest here.

This page will also act as a central (no pun intended) point for all of our far-flung expatriates and friends to "see" and be "seen".
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II-VII Activities

II-VII - Summer of '58
Click on the picture to see the big version.
"Who ARE those guys ?"

1955 Lakeshore  

1999 Reunion   Western Reunion 2000   Reunion 2001   Reunion 2004  

Poor Dave Adam, he only caught one fish.
Shoulda seen the one that got away!

A 'Mini' get-together in Florida - 2001
On The Beach   At The Bubble Room  

Key West, Florida - 2003
Adam & Tronvold stopped at the Visitors Bureau, but could not get a straight answer.
Weise and Haviland decided there was just no way to explain it to them.
Key West Visitors Information  

Meeting of the Minneapolis Coffee Club - January 2004
Coffee Club  

II-VII & BATHHL Activities
at Okoboji
Okoboji Then - Thru 2004
Okoboji Then

We heard it was warmer at the south end of the lake, so here are new directions to the house. Okoboji Now - Since 2005
Okoboji Now

BATHHL Activities
The 1st Reunion - Click here for BIG version
Click on the picture to see the big version.
"Who ARE those guys ?"

The Morning After, the night before...
Mr. Whiggens, Moe, Curley

Door County, 1996
Fishing/Golf/and BS       Off to the Races at Arlington  

A Put for the Bucks, The Bahamas, 1998
Rolling, , , ,           IN ! ! ! !      

Hale Moana - Kauai 1996  
BATHHL to Tahiti - 1999  
A Ship of Fools Adrift - Lake Donner 1999  
Tronvold Wedding - 2002  

This is a photo "album" of the "Old Guys" annual fishing trip at Shady Roost on Lake of the Woods!
Dunny & Tag   The "Lads"   John   VA Jr & Sr  

WLHTAA-2001   WJH fish-2001   SR-2001Scott_Musky   ATLWH-2001  

Annual Group Photos at Shady Roost
1997   1998   1999   2000   2001   2002   2003  

2003 Photos at Shady Roost
2003 Shady Roost Pics  

The Lads at Lamar's Birthday 2003
The Lads  

BATHHAL Goes Costal - Western Runion 2003
Las Vegas & Newport Beach  

Ground Breaking of the National Museum of the Marine Corps September 26, 2003
Marine Museum Ground Breaking  

Photos from Len Lamar Memorial - February, 2004
Len Lamar Memorial  

BATHHL Investments
In a stroke of brilliance, and after a few drinks, Hindman cons The Lads into investing in a race horse. We name him Twenty Seventh Street !

This horse turns out to be a real street-fighter. He has a series of fights with training devices, stalls, fences, rails, and equipment.
And looses them all.

With an optimistic eye to the future, we decide to start him out at Churchill Downs, and send him there to train for his first race. He gets in a fight with his stall and injures himself. Next to New Orleans. Another battle with his equipment, and he is shipped to Florida to heal. That takes nearly a year. Then he is sent to Maryland for training. More self-inflicted injuries. More recuperation. Loves laying around in his stall, and has a real appetite for oats. This guy is now a four year old and has yet to run a race.

Next to New York, and finally a couple of starts at Aqueduct late in 2002.
Post time !
They're Off !
But he sees nothing to fight, and saunters down the track. Were it not for a couple of really slow horses he would have finished last.

Hindman decides enough is enough, and the horse is recalled to Maryland for a "chat with the boss." The years of training, board, transportation, vet bills, and oats are now discussed in great detail.
In January 2003 Jim has him taken to nearby Charles Town Race Track for yet another try.

This time he is driven past a glue factory on the way to the track. Will he get the point ?

First Win: January 11, 2003   (Click on picture to enlarge.)

So next, our trainer, now known as "That %&*# ing Genius" says,
Let's put him in a claiming race, and pick up some easy cash ! "
"No one will claim a horse with only one win, "

The Result you ask ?
You guessed it. He was claimed.

Gross Return on Investment (Note this is NOT Net) = 3.2 %
Net Return on Investment (Note is IS a negative number) = - 96.8 %

So much for Hindman getting us "a little bit pregnant" ...

(I hope)

Web Forum/Bulletin Board/Guest Book

Here is our new Bulletin Board/Guest Book.
It is a golden opportunity to place a well-thought-out pearl of your personal wisdom out there for all the world to see.

Or, if you prefer, make a snide, under-handed remark with the express intent of irritating someone.

Note: With this Web Forum/Bulletin Board/Guest Book you can view its contents, add material or photos, and then return to this page by usin the "Back" Arrow on your browser.

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Strategy Session - Click here for BIG version

Strategy session!

Picture Gallery

Here you can find Classic Snapshots of days gone by, including our rotating "Mystery Youth." These are rare, and undoubtedly never again would have seen the light of day. The gallery will continue to expand over time. Look through that old photo album of yours, and share a memory.

Send pertinent graphic files, pictures, in gif or jpg format as an email attachment to John at The II-VII Corner

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Stories, Antecdotes and Outright Lies can be sent to
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