Okoboji - Since 2005

Okoboji Visitors:
at new house in West Okoboji,
just south of Pocahontas Point

And how to get there.

Okoboji on the 4th
Okoboji on the 4th

Our new address is:
2310 Okoboji Blvd
West Okoboji, IA
Lost? Call: 712-332-2079

We are at the Red Star, just south of Pocahontas Point
2310 Okoboji Blvd
From the street.

2310 Okoboji Blvd
From the water.

2005 the 1st Season
With Three Houses, A Year of Transition

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He didn't leave any booze ?
Final Inspection
Guess we'll have to eat out.
Nothing here to cook...
Hoot & Corky Gibson
No Furniture.
Adams and Harstads
More Guests
Gary & Mary Ellen Baker
Bar is Open
Camile Ralph Judy
Cardboard Table
Kirk Sue Camille Judy Corky Hoot Ralph
Super Bowl Weekend
Judy, get yoour shovel !
Snow in Driveway
Snow Sculptures
Wind and Snow
Moving Ice, and a few Ducks
Spring Breakup
Stabelizers, Pneumatic Drivers
Dock Installer
Crane Barge
Installing the Hoist
Here it Comes!
Boat Arrives
Attaching the Cover
Hoist Cover
Denny Rasmussen & Friends
Spring Bikers
Marilyn & Donnie Black
Stay the Course
After a Long Drive
Dick & Sandy Wiese
Carl Margie Tronvold
Doug Searls, Judy Haviland
Doug Arrives
Doug Searls, Joan McCarthy
Doug & Joan
McCarthy Jr Comes to Visit
Dave John Pat McCarthy Welch Ras
II-VII meets Jr
Big Mac & The Whopper
Welch & McCarthy

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