Okoboji Days
& a few Short Nights

Okoboji Visitors:

A Few Good Lads, Lasses, and Friends
(and a couple of old thugs)

Okoboji on the 4th
Okoboji on the 4th

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We are at the Red Star, Northwest side of West Lake Okoboji
20808 North Lagoon
Look For: 20808 North Lagoon Street

The Lagoon at Triboji
Across from the 'Head of the Lake' Lagoon

The Squeeze Box Special
And Dave's Motor Home, The Squeeze Box Special

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Look in the Boat
Or Look in the Boat
Look Below
I Might be Below
No, Not There
Taking a Nap ;-)
Nope, Not There Either
Or Napping back Here
The Bilge Crew
Here's Judy Below
Heeeelp !
and Doug Zooms on by
Getting Ready for Dave
John's in the Driveway
The Lagoon from Above
That's Him Down There
He's Done it Again
Here Comes Dave Now
Slow Down !
There's Plenty of Room
Judy Dave Chuck Donna Janet
Adam/Harstad Clan
I'll Hava a Beer
Janet & Dave
A Day Off, At Last
Donna & Janet
Ahoy, The Queen !
Queen II
Wonder Where Dave & Donna Went ?
Chuck, Looking for Donna
So Where Are Our Waiters ?
Morning Coffee
Smile, this could end up in the Post Office
Group Pic, July '03
Watch THIS, Wiese...
Back on the Road.jpg
Make Mine a Double
Ralph & Camille
was geschieht?
Manfred & Helga.jpg
Where we now are, but 90 years ago.
Head of the Lake, in 1912
Setting the Hoist
Installing the Hoist
So Take the Picture !
A Threesome.jpg
Be Sure to Sneeze on his Backswing
The 1st Tee
Another Smoothie !
Judy Harry Marji_Tron
You Believe Me Don't You ???
John Marie Marji, Tron
Tron Ordered Some Beer.
Beer Delivery
Harley Driver
Greg Cabana
Story Time...
Doug & John
Umbrella Wind Tests
Crescent Beach
Tronvold Haviland VanHofwegen
You Believe That's Coffee, Don't You ???
Judy & Marji Coffee
'Turn Left Here'
Steven Jepson and Vara
Vara Steve Kayak Van
And it weighs only 16 pounds !
Steve in his Kayak
All around Spirit, and then West Lake too.
After a long day's paddle.
Impresive to see Dick back the motor home in with the Jeep
Wiese Jeep & Motor Home
September Visit
Sandy & Dick WIese
Fine Looking Fellows
Dick & John

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