II-VII Reunion - 2001
A Return to Minnesota for the Summer Session

The first thought was to hold the reunion in this building. Appropriate, but deemed impractical.

So we decided on a Return to Minnesota!

    But First, some of the troops went fishing in Canada
    Wonder just where the guys are?
    "Woman's Work is Never Done"

    Get on the oars Janet, we're trolling too slow!
    "Finally, Janet gets some time off"

    Bea Harstads 64 Olds 88
    Look don't Touch, No Fingerprints, Where's My Wax!
    "Harstad's Arrive in Retro-Style"

    Doug_Dick_Ron Hurry up, take the picture, I need a drink.
    "A Quick Pic, and then a DRINK!"

    I'm a Smoothie
    "After a few drinks, the 'Cocktail Party Masher' get's busy..."

    Three Generations
    I need a beer!
    "A shame Dick's mom could not have been here to make it 4 generations."

    DickWiese's Mom, Wife, Daughter, G-Daughter
    I need a beer!
    "She made it! It's 4 generations!"

    Don't just stand there, re-fill the Glasses!
    "Every Woman has her Very Own Waiter."

    Dick, Baggs, & Ron
    Then, after I wiped out the Viet Cong Regiment,,,
    "These guys will believe anything !"

    Mower Racers
    Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!
    "The Mower Races were held at Chuck & Donna's Place."

    Rob Tells a Fib.
    Trust Me...
    "And that's the TRUTH !"

    I Too, am a Smoothie!
    "Another Swain makes his Move."

    Sandys 6th Birthday ?

    There must be some mistake !
    "What's that Zero doing on there ?"

    Room For Desert ?
    Whiskey !
    "Make Mine a Double."

    But, Chuck gets the Girl
    And I'm still THE Smoothie!
    "Some things never change."

    More pictures, as they come in...

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