Lake of the Woods
Shady Roost

BATHHL+ Fishing Trip: June, 2003
Black - Donnie, Jay, Rob           Arioso - Vince, Vince II
Scott Albright                                 Randy Wuehle
Loney - Gary, Brian                       Lamar - Len, John
Jim Hindman          Pete Baldine         John Haviland
Carlton Tronvold       Mike Crane       Pete Brown
Scotty Walsh - AWOL

Arrival at Shady Roost
Nestor Falls, Ontario

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Such Intensity !
Cards In Th eRain
Donnies 19th Hole
Note Jim's 2nd Line !
QUESTION-Could Jim be
Fishing TWO LINES ?
And Rob only used ONE line.
Rob's 28 Inch Waleye
Small ones taste best
Time for Shore Lunch !
The Guide/Chefs
Fixing Filets
Flying White Rats
Lunch for the Birds
Chefs in the Kitchen
Chefs in the Kitchen
If his lips move, it's a lie !
I Caught a 40"
Plenty for all
Potato & Onion
Cook 'em Fast
Fish in HOT Oil
Tastes Like MORE !
Golden Candy
Where's the Rest Room ?
Shore Lunch Island
Where's the Rest Room ?
Free Lunch
Then, after Iwo Jima, I...
Tron Tells Some Lies
Always Alert !
Nap Time for Jim
Smile, this could end up in the Post Office
Gary Digs For More Chips
Making Jay Very Happy
A Ship of Fools
2003 Group Photo

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