The Lads Head West
Las Vegas and Newport Beach
Western Reunion 2003

December 1st - 7th, 2003
                 Vince Arioso                     Donnie Black - AWOL
John Haviland                    Jim Hindman
     Len Lamar                     Carl Tronvold
              Scotty Walsh                  
and, after 50 years, . . . Al "Flappy" Daniels !

Bring on the Booze!
Paul Anka welcomed us to Las Vegas.

Avatech held a show at the MGM Grand, Scotty said he "needed shareholder support at the show"
So Al & I each bought a share from Vince, and joined the other Lads for the trip.

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Look for a guy wearing a Carnation !
Vince, Al, Tron
Get out the cards!
Vince, Scotty, Al, Jim
Martini Time!
Jim, Tron, John, Vince
I HAVE Arrived !
Al, Tron, Limo
Which way to the tables?
Jim, Al, Tron
Welcome to Vegas, Lads!
Paul Anka

With the "Business" part of the trip finished, it was time for some fun,
so we headed West to Newport Beach for the weekend.

California or Bust !
California or Bust!
Jim, Al, Scotty, Carl, John, Vince

Friday afternoon we met at the Hyatt Newporter,
and then off to cocktails & dinner at the Camelot Restaurant in Lido Marina Village
where we had reserved a private bar and dining room.

There, we were joined by, Corky (Kolb) & "Hoot" Gibson, Ryal & Rose Marie Haakenson,
Diana (Nesbit) & Bud Hornby, Woody & Anda Howe, Tom Katsis & Tona Manion,
Bill & Donna Krommenhoek, Jan (Hatfield) & Dick Madouse, and Bob Peterson

Here are a few group pictures taken that evening.

Thanks to Corky for arranging 
the facility and the menu !

Those that could not make it were missed by all, and we hope to see you next time we visit.

Marilou Barnes, Margo Barnes, Russ & Susie Greenlee,
Joanne (Franzen) & Earl Grueskin, Harold Jacobs, Coach Charley Hess,
Sandi Holt, Ed & Suzi Shulkin, Coach Dick Young

Only Ryal had his wits about him and brought a camera to breakfast Saturday morning.

Hyatt Newporter

After a trip to Tampa for chemo, a return to Marco Island, and flights to Chicago and then to Los Angeles,
Len Lamar finally caught up with us. We picked up a supply of single malt Scotch,
and headed to the beach to see Corky and Hoots new house under construction.
We then went to their place for drinks, dinner, and football on TV.
On Sunday, we headed home.

Flappy and Len Front Back
Gibsons even have an outdoor facility, with a doorman ! Finally, a chance to sit down... Headed Home

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