Western Reunion 2000

    Reunion 2000 moved West to Durango, CO where the group meet to plan their activities.


    As Renfro had not yet arrived, they determined an early departure would be advisable, and decided to depart immediately via the Narrow Gauge "Durango & Silverton" for the high country. Photos from the journey follow.

    Post Script: Latest reports indicate Renfro to be traversing western states, still searching for Colorado.

    Editors Note: Guess there was no need for all the rush, but caution remains advisable when dealing with Renfro !

    " Saddle Up, and Head for the Hills ! "

    Up early, and ready to go "Dick, Bob, & Chuck"

    On their way. Headed out for the high country !

    The scenery was beautiful San Juan Forest , Animas River , The Train & The River

    And then we encountered Sheriff Silverton ! ! !

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