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Mystery Youth(s) - Can You Identify Them?
Identify the Rows from A to D, Bottom to Top
Identify the people from 1 to 11, Left to Right
That Navy Corpsman at the Bottom Left, would be A-1

Send John this form with his name!

Previous "winners" are listed at the bottom of this page

I will rotate the featured snapshot from time to time to maintain the suspense of who will be next. - dcs

Classic Snapshots

blue triangle Here is John, yachting, Canadian-style!

blue triangle Here is a shot of a social outing at the Lakeshore Inn, circa 1955. It was New Year's Eve.

blue triangle Michael McCarthy, doing what he loved best.

blue triangle Ron Renfro. His Baby Picture.

blue triangle Rodney "The Bear" Searls at the wheel of a fine 1950 Ford coupe. This little baby cost $450 from the original owner.

blue triangle Stage Door Ronnie, et al. Stage Door Ronnie, But In Shorts? Not one of these louts would have been caught dead wearing shorts in 1957.

blue triangle Denny Rasumssen and his Ford Coupe, in 1957.

blue triangle Bea Harstad and her kids. Bea is only 96 in this picture. Does the word "matriarch" come to mind? Chuck and Carole are looking good too.

blue triangle The Coupes at Grandview Steve Jepson, and Paul Cabney's Ford Coupes at Grandview Park.

blue triangle An Extra Mystery Just who might these USD Gals be?

Submit a Snap,,, You couldn't be more embarrassed then we are!

Mystery Youth Unveiled!

blue triangle
Carlton Tronvold was our first Mystery Youth!

blue triangle The 'Old Sucker' (Talking to Vince) was Lloyd VanHofwegen

blue triangle This Lad ? None other than WJ, 'Jim' Hindman

blue triangle The Good Scout? was Michael McCarthy

blue triangle The Youthful Swain was Paul Cabney Jr.
     Looking for a date at the Saint Louis Museum - 1962

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