In Memory of
Paul F. Cabney Jr. - CHS 1959

b. June 7, 1941
d. July 13, 2003

We mourn his loss, and cherish his memory

    Paul 'The Old Fox' Cabney, Jr.

    PAUL F. CABNEY JR. age 62, went to be with the Lord on Sunday, July 13, 2003. Born in Sioux City, Iowa on June 7, 1941, Paul moved to Central Florida in 1977. He was in automotive sales most of his life. He had a passion for watching racing whether it was cars or boats.

    He is survived by his son, David B. Cabney of Apopka; daughter, Laurie L. Hickman of Longwood; sister, Carol McCloud of Colorado; three grandchildren, Ava Hickman and Chase and Chloe Cabney.

    There will be a Memorial Service on Thursday, July 17, 2003 at 5PM at Woodlawn Carey Hand Funeral Home Longwood Chapel, 335 E. State Rd. 434, Longwood. In lieu of flowers, donations may be sent to Hospice of the Comforter, 595 Montgomery Rd., Altamonte Springs, Florida 32714.

    Orlando Sentinel - 7/16/2003

    Memories of Paul Cabney Junior
       " That's Junior, Don't Forget It ! "

     " I've got just the deal for you. "

    A Eulogy -   Some Memories, by Stephen Jepson - CHS '59

    Dear John,
    Thank you for sending me Paul's obituary.
    He and I had lots of fun together. Our relationship started at five years of age in kindergarten at Hunt School at 20th and Jackson Street. We began studying together as 13-year-olds (this is a euphemism for going to his father's car lot at about 9 PM on a weeknight and removing a car from the lot and driving it around Sioux City -- and the surrounding countryside till about midnight at which time we would return the car to his father's lot -- thus ending our "homework" for the evening). We did this for a couple of years, until we got our learners permits at age 14.

    In 1960 we drove out to California in one of Don Barnes (Marylou's father) Buicks. As I recall we drove to L.A. in 29 hours in that car. That's from Sioux City of course. I believe it is about 1900 miles.

    When we were both married and living in Sioux City, my wife Dina and I got together with Paul and Carolyn socially to go to the movies, out to dinner, or play Parcheesi. Before moving to Florida he would come down to visit and we would all go out to dinner. Once when he was living here in Florida he and I drove to Memphis, TN to pick up a drag boat he owned. It had a huge Chrysler engine. He and I went to the sprint car races in Barberville, Florida on occasion.

    I bought several cars from him when he was living here. Once I drove with him to pick up a car (he was repossessing it), it was a souped up Porsche Carrera. He let me drive it back to Orlando, Florida, from the Georgia line.

    In the summer back in Sioux City he and I would roam around town like a couple of big dogs -- we weren't big dogs but we thought we were. Sometimes perhaps we were big dogs. Context is probably everything. Occasionally we took our girlfriends Colletta and Sharon up to Spirit Lake where we rented a speedboat and went waterskiing.

    We would go out into the countryside around Sioux City and purchase used auto and truck transmissions, take them back to Sioux City and sell them for five to ten times what he paid for them. Paul always had a pocket full of folding cash. Something that I always responded positively to -- and have tried to emulate. I learned a lot at Paul Cabney's side, 'Cash Is King' were words he lived by. And on and on... I liked Paul a lot.

    Warmly, Stephen

    And read by Steven, at Paul's Memorial Service on Thursday, July 17, 2003

    A 'lettre missive' from John Greene

    To all Friends and Family:

    The Cabney chronicles began for mew in the summer of 1960 – Paul remained my pal ever since. He was my hero, being three years older than I, Paul taught me MANY things throughout our wonderful, fun-filled adventures in the Midwest.

    Paul taught me, for example, how to smoke cigarettes – which after making me turn green and choke and cough –I soon gave up on altogether.

    Paul taught me how to drive and use a clutch – the ulterior motive being to sell me one of many used – and I do emphasize used cars. Always encouraging me to move up to a ‘better model’. He was forever the smooth salesman.

    Paul further emphasized no one should have to walk anywhere – drive boy, drive, it saves time and effort which could then be used in more constructive and creative ways such as working & mechanicing on all those used cars he sold me.

    I of course always thanked him and once told him; “Paul, you truly are the walkin’ man’s friend.” He later had business cards made up with that very slogan.

    Paul was always a friend to most everyone who knew him and was always of good humor in a most entertaining manner. And now, as the curtain of life descends we remember how Paul made our lives a bit more meaningful and a great deal more entertaining.

    With this, I bid you farewell my friend, and many thinks.

    John Greene

    Read by Steven Jepson, at Paul's Memorial Service on Thursday, July 17, 2003

    A Memory from Jim Muray - CHS '57

    Paul had a nice looking '68 Olds Cutlass on his car lot in Sioux City.

    I commented that is was a nice car and he agreed,
    said it need a couple of adjustments.

    Then I commented it had 100+ thousand miles on it, and he replied,
    "That's one of the adjustments I have to make."

    Paul had a laugh different than anyone I ever knew...

    " Yesssss,,,"

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