In Memory Of
Carole Kay (Cotton) Hughes - 1957

    Memories of Carole Kay
    ---Susie (Condon) Feathers

    It snowed the day of her funeral in April.

    I think about Carole Kay often. Her husband Bruce always called her "Kay," so I called her "Carole Kay."

    She got her Ph.D. in Education in about 1990, I think, it could have been 1988. She not only worked full time as a teacher but took classes and underwent various sessions of chemotherapy at the same time. After getting her doctorate she applied, and was selected for, the head job at our Area 12 Education Agency. It oversees all of the extra components in the schools, as I understand it-has charge of all the educational goings on that are not located right at the schools themselves. It is located in the old East Junior building on Morningside Avenue.

    They loved her there, of course, such a bright penny in a dreary old building. While she was there she suffered another relapse which turned out to be, eventually, the final one. When she worked with her illness she would go into the hospital on Friday nights for chemo and Bruce would bring her home Sunday night. She never missed a day of school until she got really really sick.

    Susie B. and I went to see her in the hospital near the end-she didn't want anyone to visit, which I understood, but Susie came over and convinced me to go.

    She called me shortly afterwards, that same day-I think it was about a book-and that was the last I talked to her. She could surely get an honor for bravery. You could never tell how she felt just by talking to her-she always had that lilt in her voice.

    As for her family, I see her husband Bruce only on rare occasions. He has moved from their home on Douglas Street and lives at 33rd and Pierce. Her children-the last I heard Brucie was a Navy doctor, married with a baby. Elizabeth was in Europe but could easily be back in the United States by now, and Catherine, the youngest, married, and I don't know much more about her.

    Carole Kay. It snowed the day of her funeral.

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