In Memory Of
Carl L Fredericksen

    It is my sad duty to report to you at the Sioux City Central egroups, and to you Ruby Carlson (CHS 56?) and to Jim (Heelan 55) and Lonnie Levy (East High) the death of Carl Leonard Fredricksen Jr.(CHS 6/55) by heart attack on the night of September 2nd 1999 at his home in Santa Monica, California.

    Carl & Indian Scout 1953

    Carl was the son of Carl Sr. and Louise Fredricksen. Carl Sr. was president of the Livestock Bank at the stockyards as long as I knew the Fredricksens.

    They lived in Sioux City at 811 34th St (home later occupied by Lee Frank's (CHS 6/55) family, at 27th and Jackson and finally at 2610 McDonald behind the bandshell before moving away from Sioux City.

    Carl was married for some years to Kay (Painter) Peterson CHS 6/55 with whom he had three children, Danny, Debbie and David. He was later married to an Ohio woman, April with whom he had a son, Brent and from whom he was divorced in the 1980's it was I believe.

    Although I had not talked to Carl in a good many years he and I and Jim Levy were inseparable pals and fellow motorcyclists all thru junior high and high school. I have tried to call Levys but their old phone in Sioux City is now disconnected and the new one in Sturgis SD is not yet connected.

    Although Carl was not perfect, I am focusing on the good times and the good things he did here this morning and I pray God take pity on his soul.

    Well so there you have it. Now it is time to prepare the Honda Pacific Coast for 3 days of biking in Pennsylvania, the state from whence I came to Sioux City in the winter of 50-51.

    Stan Rocklin CHS 6/55

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