Reunion 1999

    "The Searls visit for the weekend resulted not only in conspicuous consumption of food and drink, busy days and busier nights, but the first 100% Reunion of the five "Raggedy Assed Marines on Parade" (Renfro, Adam, Haviland, Searls, Mann) since we got back from active duty forty years ago. We updated the 1959 photograph of the five of us with a 1999 version which will soon be posted on the web site along with a number of others." - Excerpted from Haviland's email.

    Maggie and I had a wonderful time seeing guys I haven't seen for way too many years!

    This page will be a little dis-jointed until I get all of the pictures up, so bear with me. - Doug

    Here are the 1959 "Raggedy Assed Marines On Parade".

    Here they are some years later!

    Several attendees were caught "letting their hair down!"
    John   Dave   Who is it?

    And here is a dignified shot of Ron Renfro.

    Yet another dignified shot, this time of Gary Mann.

    I ended up buying three cases of Post-It Notes ® from Chuck Harstad.

    And here is a dignified shot of Dave Adam.

    Here is a great group shot.

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